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Monthly Preventative Maintenance Service Plan

Penta Networking Group presently has a Monthly Preventative Maintenance Service Plan designed to meet the growing demands of today's customers. We understand each customer has specific needs from when equipment is not working to regular maintenance and repair. Security cameras require occasional maintenance to ensure that your system is functioning at its best. This support program can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of our customers to keep your system working efficiently each day of the year. The plan will start at the end of your free thirty-day Installation Warranty and extends your Hardware Warranty. This plan covers unlimited service calls, free training upon request, the cost of malfunction with equipment, and all replacement parts that are sold by the contractor including labor and travel expenses. The plan includes regular App software updates for top performance to deter hacking and prevent other security issues. We also provide seasonal cleaning of equipment from dust and dirt build-up on the security camera system (digital video recorder, hard drive, power supply, monitor, coaxial connectors, wires/cabling, camera lens and housing, etc.) We have different service plans available that are affordable and negotiable. All of our service plan contracts can be canceled at any time. To be eligible for up to 40% discount on upgrades of the manufacturer’s security camera system (digital video recorder, hard drive, power supply, monitor) including receiving a free security camera annually, you must make at least six monthly payments or be in our Monthly Preventative Maintenance Service Plan a minimum term of one year. Having a service plan will save you thousands of dollars and keep you from purchasing a new security camera system every couple of years, etc.


Payment Plan Agreement

We have the best Annual Maintenance Contract Payment Plans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area starting as little as $34.95 to $127.95 monthly depending on the number of devices the client has purchased.


Payment Plan Option

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