Annual Maintenance Contract Payment Plan

Penta Networking Group presently offers a maintenance and service plan designed to meet the growing demands of today's customers. We understand each customer has specific needs from when equipment is not working to regular maintenance and repair. This support program can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of our customers. The annual rate will start at the end of your free 30 day (Installation Warranty). This plan extends your (Hardware Warranty) and covers the cost of malfunction with equipment, all replacement parts, labor and travel. This plan will also cover malfunction with your network (via internet) and software patches and upgrades and free training upon request. Rates apply to coverage during the Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM), which is 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding some holidays, and appointments that can be made for weekends. The minimum term is one year and can be renewed upon request. Upgrade of security camera systems equipment such as (Digital Video Recorders, Hard Drives, Monitors, Cameras, Cables and Power Supply Adaptors) are only included with plan and if not in stock will charge to client that season manufacture’s equipment price.


Equipment Purchase and Exchanges

Under the Annual Maintenance Contract Agreement all security camera systems equipment including Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Hard Drives, Monitors, Cameras, Cables and Power Supply Adaptors) that are paid in full after purchase or completed project are eliable for exchanges and upgrades with a discount up to 40% depending on the make & model.


For example: If you have a Digital Vido Recorder for over a year and paid $450 for it, a upgrade or exchange of a new digital video recorder will only cost you about $225. GREAT DEAL !!


Acceptance and authorization

The Client will be solely responsible for materials and labor for all damages caused by Sabotage; Acts of vandalism, arson, mischeif, monkeywrenching, misuse, damage or mishandling after installation is completed. The Annual Maintenance is defined as a malfunction of equipment which in and of itself does not render inoperative any other part of the security system. This cost covers all costs associated with the operation and maintenance support of the system such as but not limited to service calls, cleaning, adjusting, fixing, power outage, blown circuits etc.


The CCTV Security Camera System equipment shall remain the personal property of the Seller (Penta Networking Group) until it has been fully paid for. Please note that equipment is not leased or rent to own. After payment in full the client will own all equipment. Terms & ConditionsOffer valid for 60 days from date of this proposal. Prices do include shipping, sales, use or excise taxes, licensing and/other applicable registration fees. Delivery times will be provided upon receipt Late payments may be assessed a 2% per month fee. Late payments exceeding 60 days may be assessed a 5% per month fee. WarrantyAll additional repair and maintenance services of equipment (including Video Server installation) to be provided at hourly rate of $85.00 unless an Annual On-Site Comprehensive Maintenance & Service Plan is effective.


Installation Warranty includes a 30 day money back return. No refund after 30 days of usage or storage of equipment. The warranty also covers the Video Server and Camera installations with 30 days of on-site training upon request, the cost of problems with equipment, all replacement parts, labor and travel.Hardware Warranty is one-year repair or replacement manufacturer warranty. This warranty applies only to the products purchased and installed in this Statement of Work (SOW). Upgrade of security camera equipment such as (Digital Video Recorders, Hard Drives, Monitors, and Cameras) are NOT INCLUDED with Hardware Warranty and will be charge to client that season manufacture’s equipment price.


Payment Plan Agreement

We have the best Annual Maintenance Contract Payment Plans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area starting as little as $34.95 to $99.95 monthly depending on the quantity of devices the client has purchased.


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