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WALK TALL Book Release - 2021

WALK TALL – The step-by-step guidebook with simple confidence tools that really work. Create your own self-confidence.

Release: Hasmark Publishing

”B E   U N S T O P P A B L E   B E C A U S E   Y O U    C A N”

A word from the author Kiisyourhost.

”This guide walks you through various everyday situations that can often seem daunting. It is a book carefully written based on what people like you and me have expressed that we need. It is easy to read and it helps young people as well as leaders and it also helped a friend of mine that suffers from depressions and borderline personality disorder.

I do not claim to be a doctor, I am a human being with an open heart that listens to what people need – and I try to use my experience, my values, and my inner strength to give them the tools to change their lives. To go for their dreams and to be unstoppable!

By using the steps and methods put forward in this book, anyone can walk more confidently through the ups and downs of life. Anyone can walk tall! In this short and to-the-point guide to self-assurance, I bring readers through the simple—but not often practiced—steps to developing more confidence and determination.

Who is ultimately responsible for the successes or failures in life? 
Should it be up to others to decide how you feel or act in any given circumstance?
Of course not. It’s on you!

But worry not, for the task is not unachievable for anyone! The meanings and experiences we take away from life are the result of the energy we put out into the universe. Letting go of the negatives aspects of our lives frees us up to pursue greatness, and nothing short of greatness is what we shall receive.  Of course, this is easier said than done, but like any other habit, practice is the key to developing positive traits.

Be unstoppable because you can!”

”As someone who has studied this type of belief system my whole life, even I learned much from your work. Walk Tall both goes into great depth of wisdom and still maintains a simplicity of execution. That is very difficult to accomplish. Amazing.” – Deb Birdsall, Author, Life Abundance Consulting

”Walking Tall is a well-thought-out book that effectively condenses valuable lessons on how to build your confidence with simple understandings. Carry this book with you and study it every day and you may find that you, too, are standing tall.”

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author.  Author of Savy Wisdom