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The true story that inspired the
in the guide Walk Tall.
Follow Bryant on his journey towards a
new life, and learn the simple models
from Walk Tall - that will boost you!

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E-book $4.23 USD 

Including: Walk Tall 16 min video!

Meet Ki & her models!

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Walk Tall - self-confidence tips, releases, give aways.

Business - strategy and branding, new innovative thoughts.

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”From start to finish, Walk Tall; Create Your Own Confidence, in short, is powerful. Walk Tall teaches the power to have confidence in oneself. This book is a journey to discover what it means to be confident, finding inspiration, and become someone better, someone you have always strived to be. The book highlights specific steps to find inspiration, such as identifying the goal you want to achieve and how to live with and achieve that goal. Personally, confidence is something that I have been struggling with for years. Whether it be about finding the confidence to speak up for myself or even something as simple as being confident in front of others. After reading this book, I realized that once you learn to accept and love yourself, others will do the same. Realistically, no one can change themselves overnight, yet Walk Tall gives all the steps and motivation to reach whatever that goal may be. I strongly recommend this book to anyone. It is detailed and easy to understand, as definitions and explanations are provided in the book. Even if you do not like to read, think of it as less of a book and more of a personal growth guide. Either way, Walk Tall will help you find the motivation and inspiration you didn't evenknow you had.”

(Jhana Rhodes)

”Very proud of my daughter. She wrote a book that everyone can understand, focusing on difficult emotional issues that can be solved with simple, innovative down to Earth models. Very easy to read and inspiring. Everyone should read it.”

(Gerda Bergman)




Psychologist's Office

”The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 


“If you never feel uncomfortable – you are never really into new development. “Walk Tall” is a mini-book to carry with you and use daily, it is all about developing your inner self to set you up for success in life.”

Ki is your host (Kee) is a European market strategist, former musician, and athlete, that has made it her mission to develop what has not been done before. She has studied markets and people all over the world and created her own process to develop self-confidence and strategic thinking.


Business - Leadership - Confidence

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$21.99 USD (2 months access)

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This course is based on the model ”Confidence Stairs” that is a part of the guide book Walk Tall for building self-confidence.


It contains 3 parts, and will show you how to step by step move from survival or a level of just existing in society to having this wonderful self-confidence that takes you everywhere you want to go! It can also strengthen you if you lack confidence in certain situations and want to be successful in handling them. Breaking old patterns and embracing change is necessary for anyone that wants change in life. This tool and model is easy to follow and it works.


Part 1 Changing your view.
Part 2 Deciding on target.

Part 3 Rebuilding & winning.

In Part 3 all parts will be summarized for you to be able to easier follow through.


Featuring virtual leadership!
$24.99 USD (2 months access)

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This course contains 3 parts, it will show you how to optimize your own execution, your confidence as a leader, and how to optimize the results of your team using TEAM POWER CONFIDENCE. What is this, and how is it built? It impacts the drive and results in business, and how you communicate with both internal and external target groups. A structure for communication that contains emotional structures is a path to self-confidence, this includes knowing what social- or business code to use in different situations. Stress relief and scenario preparations are important keys to an excellent performance. The course also talks about "virtual leadership" and what it takes to be such a leader. Build-in TEAM POWER CONFIDENCE in your startup or your established company and it can make a huge difference!


Part 1 The foundation of Team Power Confidence

Part 2 Build a structure to foster confidence

Part 3 A business built on Team Power Confidence

In Part 3 all parts will be summarized for you to be able to build Team Power Confidence.

With Team Power Confidence!

$24.99 USD (2 months access)

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This course contains 3 parts and starts with the importance of the mind, how to think to be able to see the whole picture and how to lead and connect human resources with goals. Preparing yourself as a leader to put your team on the right frequency to meet the market is also critical. We will talk about how to use the action map from leadership, through team tasks, and to market - and how to connect to the drivers of this market. We will also talk about the role of the Horizontal Collaborator and how to use Cake & Edge. Connecting the team/ teams to a positive and inspiring vibration is vital to be able to gain drive, this includes career paths and reward systems, both material and mental ones. The action map can be used for a multi-national company as well as a startup.


Part 1 The goal, the team, and the drivers

Part 2 Positioning staff on the action map

Part 3 Rewards, inspiration, and careers

In Part 3 all parts will be summarized for you to be able to practice working with the action map.

Positioning - one edge, one drive!
$24.99 USD (2 months access)

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This course contains 5 parts, it will pinpoint some of the most important factors to work with and take into account when bringing a product or a new business to market. The course will explain how to work with demand and branding closely connected to product- and service development, positioning, and feedback loops. It comes back to your mindset and a no-fear mentality to be able to triangulate in future scenarios.

Part 1 Demand-driven innovations

Part 2 Market strategy & Scenario thinking

Part 3 Branding & Product development

Part 4 Positioning & Connecting to drive

Part 5 Feedback loop & Next step

In Part 5 all parts will be summarized for you to be able to build your own structure.


Optimize the drive!
$21.99 USD (2 months access)

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This course contains 5 parts, it will show you how to optimize your business and your leadership by thinking the right way and viewing your surroundings effectively. Decisions are drivers in processes that will make you profitable, also how you select partnerships, and how you relate to markets and people play a part. The way you structure decisions into your performance can either speed up your pace or slow it down, a "thinking structure" is important, as it is really what is in your mind that determines how far you will go. Each part is followed by a thinking exercise, after Part 5 you will be able to receive feedback to any question you might have at that point.

Part 1 Foundation for Decision Edging

Part 2 The thinking tracks

Part 3 To attract the business match

Part 4 Strategic Thinking

Part 5 Connecting to drive

In Part 5 all parts will be summarized for you to be able to build your own structure.